Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Day 2: 10 Likes & Dislikes


{ 1. Sir Charles Barkley }scb
How could Sir Charles Barkley not make someone happy? Whenever I'm having a terrible day I just pull this little guy's Instagram up (yes he has an Instagram) and my day is instantly made!
SCB's Instagram

{ 2. Colored Pens }

I'm an organized, OCD freak and my life wouldn't function properly without colored pens
picture source

{ 3. Mexican Food }
I swear I came out of the womb wanting Mexican food y'all. Something about its salty, crunchy goodness makes my stomach growl with delight!
picture source

{ 4. Lilly Pulitzer }

Being raised in the South you hear this woman's name pop up a time or two! Her prints are extraordinary and she always has the best color palette combinations of the season!
picture source

{ 5. Candles }
Candles are amazing because they add vibrancy to a room through their scent and light. Not to mention they're insanely romantic!
picture source


{ 1. Carts in parking spots  }
Does this not make y'all want to scream? You've found the perfect open spot only to find it's been taken by a stupid cart. Not to mention they scratch the crap out of your car!
picture source

{ 2. Waking Up Early}
The weekdays are a pain; however, on the weekends I can no longer sleep in. Oh the joys of becoming an adult!
picture source

{ 3. Condiments }
Ever since I was little I have never wanted anything to do with condiments. Ketchup, mustard, mayo and even salad dressing just top off the list of things I will never add to my food.
picture source

{ 4. Coffee }
The coffee bug never bit me, but the Monster energy one sure did! I'm a caffeine addict, just not for coffee.
picture source

{ 5. Snow }
I saw enough snow to last me a lifetime when I lived in the Midwest. It's pretty to look at, but that's about it!
picture source

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  1. The photo of your dog is too precious! I agree, the snow in the Midwest is pretty to look at, from a distance, warm inside your house.

  2. Ha I wish that was my dog! One day I'll have a frenchie just as cute as him!


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