Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Countdown to NYC!


Ah! I can't believe my trip to NYC is almost here! Dr. D and I are headed to the Big Apple for 6 days, 7 nights and I couldn't be more excited! I've been to the city once (bar crawl from Hoboken, NJ into the city and back) so I hardly count that as "visitng." The story of how/why we're going on this glorious trips is one for the books so let me share it with you!

Last August, Dr. D and I decided to press our luck and go on The Price Is Right ... ya the show that we all used to watch with our grandparents growing up. We arrived at 11 AM for the 4 PM show and did a whole lot of waiting. You start in the main bench waiting room where they give you your name tag, then move onto the side benches where lunch is offered. After this spot you meet with the producer for 15 seconds and you better make it count because this is where your fate of being on the show lies. I always thought it was random; however, it's not. Oh the joys of Hollywood! After this round we went to our last waiting area before being allowed into the studio.

We were escorted in and told to sit in the 3rd row where the tape was marked on the seats. Dr. D and I instantly knew one of us had to of gotten on because not too many other seats were taped off. Drew Carey comes out and starts to explain the show and how the studio will be so loud you won't be able to hear your name called, so keep an eye on the cue cards. Low and behold Dr. D's name is the 2nd of the first 4 called and he runs on down to his spot.

The first prize came and went and the second item up for bid was BURBERRY LUGGAGE. All of the other people bidding were so far off so I knew he had this one in the bag and next thing I know this happened:
After I jumped up and down like a freak I realized, holy crap he is on TV right now. It was so loud I couldn't hear anything then all of a sudden the girl in front of me said, "Looks like you're going to New York!" and that's when I noticed the TV screen showing images of the NYC skyline and such. Then this happened:
Yes Dr. D did indeed jump on Drew Carey! My mind was blown. We just won a trip to New York AND Burberry luggage. This day couldn't get any better. The wheel was up next and unfortunately, the other two players each got a $1.00 which put Dr. D's  humble $0.75 to shame. His time was over but neither one of us could stop smiling! Now we're just a week away from this glorious trip and I CANNOT wait to not only see the glorious city but also get in some real Fall weather!

One can't go to New York and not have a great new pair of shoes right? Well in my case I ended up buying 2 new pairs of booties thanks to Just Fab. If y'all haven't checked them out you DEFINITELY should get on it! They not only offer fashionable shoes which are right on trend, they're also extremely affordable. I can't wait for my beauties to come in and style them! Take a look at some of the great bootie options which are out there right now thanks to JustFab, Sole Society, Aldo and Seychelles!

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  1. Congrats!!!!!! That's amazing. Oh New York, would love to visit it someday, eat my heart out, shop til i drop. Have a wonderful time. What a great post. Thank you so much for linking up. See you next Thursday.


  2. That's so cool!! I live right down the street from where the show is taped but have never been. I should go sometime! And you won some cool prizes. Have so much fun in NYC!!

  3. How exciting!! Have fun on your trip! Cute boot pics too! Thanks for sharing with Three-fer Thursday :)

    xo Bethany

  4. Thanks Bethany! It was so hard to narrow it down to which ones I wanted!

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