Tuesday, July 29, 2014

66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards!

Happy Tuesday Dolls! 

First and foremost, let's get through the nitty gritty not so fun part of today's post. Due to the Emmys being pushed up a MONTH from last year's awards (thank you NFL) my life has become a chaotic, hectic mess to put it nicely. 

From now until the awards (Monday, August 25,) I'll only be posting on Tuesday's so I can host my link up and still feel like I'm part of the blog world, by living vicariously through y'alls posts. Hopefully this isn't a huge inconvenience and y'all will still come back to link up every week!

- Debbie Downer moment now OVER - 

Speaking of the Emmys, I know I talk about it from time to time on my blog, but I don't actually show y'all what I truly do for the awards. Last year was my first time working a high end awards show and I have to admit, it was a ton of fun. Between you and I, the Emmy awards are way more fun than the Oscars (shocking I know) because everyone seems so much more down to earth. 

Last Wednesday, was the official Governors Ball press preview. The Governors Ball is the largest sit down dinner in North America and quite possibly the world, feeding upwards of 4,000 guests! At the press preview all of the sponsors are there to answer any questions the media may have about the product and for everyone to get a taste of what the evening will be like. 

Luckily for y'all, I got the complete inside scoop! First let me talk about the 66th Primetime Emmys theme: Kaleidoscope of Color! 
Just like when you look through a kaleidoscope and see a vision of bright, beautiful colors, that experience will be brought to life with an array of rainbow colors in a luminous and exciting live laser show! Dancers will be positioned against the back wall behind the winners circle to entertain guests as they mingle and party. Talk about a dramatic effect!

The food is courtesy of Patina catering and ever so scrumptious! Just check out this menu! 
A lovely meal wouldn't be complete without a fabulous cocktail! Grey Goose is the official vodka sponsor and Beaulieu Vineyards is the official wine sponsor. So ecstatic to be working with BV at this event because it's our 11th year doing the awards, 9th consecutive! 
Two of the various table displays at the Governors Ball

To make things even better at this years awards is the fact that the pristine Georges de Latour Cabernet Sauvignon is celebrating it's 75th anniversary! 

Cellar Door chocolates (based out of Kentucky,) will be treating guests to white chocolate covered oreos, chocolate covered marshmallows, peanut butter cups, salted caramel cups and their famous bourbon balls. They literally have everything to satisfy your sweet tooth!
Pictured left to right: Bourbon balls, Caramel Cups, Peanut Butter Cups and additional Bourbon Balls

To make things even more convenient for the stars, Loreal Paris (official make up sponsor) will be having touch up booths to keep them looking ravishing all throughout the evening! Not only are they generously hosting that, but they also have free product samples available in the ladies lounge for all guests to sample! 
I was fortunate enough to not only test out some of their fabulous new blendable blushes, but get to take a ton of free product home. Everything you see above was up for grabs after the press preview was over since some of it had been used for media presentations. Needless to say, I walked away with a ton of product (obsessed with their lipsticks) which may or may not even be my skin tone.
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  1. This looks amazing! I'm so jealous!! I also think the Emmys are a lot more fun than the Oscars-- even just to watch!

    -- Alex at Cashmere Kangaroo

  2. You seriously have the best job in the world and at such a young age - so happy for you and proud of you. What is your title exactly Paige (E-Mail me, I want to know more fun facts about your awesome job!) Thanks.

    This was great scoop on the Emmys. That menu sounds so perfect gourmet and I love the candy/dessert table. Understandable that you are super busy. But as always I will stop here every Tuesday, link up and support you all the way. By the way when I put on this dress, I thought of you since I remember you saying you added 4 new Cobalt Dresses to your wardrobe this year. I think you'd like mine. =) How perfect that it is the one I have to link up, today.

    Take it easy doll and enjoy this busy work week! <3 Ada.

  3. How exciting that you get to experience what we all just dream about! Enjoy your time and we can't wait to hear all about it!

    Whitney & Blaire

    Peaches In A Pod

  4. Thank you so much for the feature Paige! I am so flattered and honored :). Love all the inside scoop. And that makeup table? holy smokes its amazing!! Thank you for letting me vicariously see the hollywood life through you..

  5. You have such a fun job! Loved hearing the inside scoop of the ball! Everything sounds amazing!


  6. Wow how exciting to be a part of something like that!! Thanks so much for hosting the linkup:)

  7. Love the behind the scenes look today, Paige! The desserts look delish and I'm jealous of all the makeup swag!
    Gina - On the Daily Express

  8. Wow! It's our turn to live vicariously through you!! Thanks for sharing this, I had fun reading it!


  9. Wow thanks for sharing the awesomeness Paige......more power!!!


  10. Good luck with the Emmy's, babe! I'm sure you'll knock it outta the park. :)


  11. Sounds like you have a really fun job. Now I'm ready to start prepping for the Emmys too. It's interesting to hear that the TV people are more laid back than the movie people--makes sense.

    Come enter my SocialBliss Stylebox and ORS Hair Care Giveaway! http://bit.ly/1xbQpUy

  12. You are quite the party girl! Your blog is a party, the blog hop party. Emmy party..... You go girl!! :)
    xox, Crystelle

  13. Way to go girl! Sounds like such a fun time!
    xo Adri

  14. What a fabulous experience!
    Enjoy every single moment.

  15. It looks like a fantastic, once-in-a-lifetime party.

  16. That sounds like an amazing party! Good luck prepping for the Emmy's! I'm sure you will do an amazing job!

    Nicole to the Nines

  17. Um, I want your job and no worries about not posting as much. At least we'll get to visit for the Tuesday link up still!!! Thanks Woman!!! xoxo

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