Thursday, May 2, 2013

Month in Instagram: April

April was a FABULOUS month in my 2013 year! I got a great new job opportunity that I pounced at had some fun times with friends and met a couple of fabulous celebrities along the way! I'm very much looking forward to May and can't wait to see where this crazy ride takes me!

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1. Rooms had this waiting at home for me after I told her about my new job2. Went to my first LA Clippers game, also first time at Staples Center
3. Beerfest at Paramount Studios
4. Last day at Melie Bianco
5. First work perk! Lots of wine!
6. Pain and Gain premiere at TCL Grauman's theatre
7. With Sam Trammel after Jonsson Cancer Center Foundation's Taste For A Cure event
8. Marcus Lattimore got drafted to the San Francisco 49er's! Great day for Gamecock nation!