Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Days 5, 6 and 7

Okay y'all I have seriously been slacking on my 30 Days of Blogging challenge which is why you're getting a boat-load of information about yours truly in this post!

{ Day 5: Favorite Books }

This is about to sound really bad but I am OBSESSED with The 50 Shade's of Grey trilogy. Call me a freak or what have you, but I'm all about sexy Christian and the red room of pain.books2

I also really like Emily Giffin's Something Borrowed, Something Blue, Baby Proof and Love the One You're With. I'm a sucker for a good love story!books

{ Day 6: Something That Made You Smile Today }

I won my first ever blog contest this morning thanks to Laura Lily! I cannot wait to shop at Capwell + Co. with my new gift card! They have some MAJOR statement pieces I'm drooling over but I think the White & Gold Enamel Reversible Necklace is going to take the cake!

- also -

Random compliments mean the world to me because they just seem that much more genuine. So today when a girl driving her car rolled down the window to tell me she loved my skirt, my heart was instantly warmed :)
Top: Marshalls // Skirt: Ann Taylor  (On Sale!) // Wedges: Dolce Vita // Pearl Bracelet: Bridesmaid Present // Link Bracelet: Prep Obsessed // Bangle: Versona

{Day 7: One Food and One Beverage }

If I had to eat one food the rest of my life without getting bored it would have to be cereal. I love my CTC (Cinnamon Toast Crunch) but also dig the Kashi granola with yogurt clusters. I refer to this as my "big girl" cereal. Drink wise I would have to go with Propel Zero. I love the variety of flavors they have to offer!


Ironic this question comes up because today is the last day I can eat whatever I want. My diet is simply HORRIBLE and I don't know how I have maintained my petite figure all of these years. I literally live off of frozen pizza and pop, have my 3 pm pick me up of sweettarts and am known to eat a bag of popcorn for dinner. My roommate is hardcore Paleo and makes some DELICIOUS meals, but sometimes I feel like she cringes watching me eat how I do.
This gave her the idea to have me start the 30 day food challenge. Starting tomorrow I will no longer be allowed to eat any frozen packaged meals, popcorn, candy or drink any pop until September 1 rolls around. This is seriously going to be a challenge y'all but I'm looking forward to it. Hopefully by the end of it Cherry Coke and Digiorno just won't  be as tempting!

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Photo Sources: Propel, 50 Shades of Grey, Emily Giffen books, Kashi, Cherry Coke, Digiorno

Monday, July 29, 2013

Sweaters and Lace

Since the weather was a bit chilly this weekend in LA, I figured it was the perfect time to bust out my favorite light knit sweater with a pair of shorts. Flats were a key factor to this outfit to make it casual enough to run errands in, without looking like a slob in sweats! Normally my weekends are jam packed or filled with hours in the car driving back and forth to see Dr. D., but for once I just wanted a lazy Sunday and that is exactly what I had!

IMG_5399 IMG_5383 IMG_5377 IMG_5376IMG_5400 IMG_5393IMG_5387 IMG_5366IMG_5403IMG_5369IMG_5373

Top: ANGL // Shorts: Bliss LA // Necklace: Francesca's // Shoes: Free Press via Nordstrom Rack // Earrings: Belk // Ring: David Yurman // Lips: Maybelline "Blissful Berry" // Nails: Milani "Pink Express"

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Christmas in July

This is a LONG post just to forewarn everyone! Over the weekend my roommate and I threw a Christmas in July party which was a huge success! Our friends came over dressed in their Christmas swag, participated in a white elephant present exchange and even partook in a Christmas pageant ... which was rather interesting.IMG_5358
{ 1st and 3rd place pageant winners }
IMG_5354 IMG_5304 IMG_5310
Top: Marshalls // Shorts: American Eagle (old) // Belt: Target // Earrings: Francesca's // Bracelets: Steinmart & Versona

{ White Elephant Christmas Exchange }

We asked everyone to bring a $5 gift for our Christmas in July "White Elephant" exchange and things got a bit interesting! A lot of my friends got SUPER creative which made my heart melt that they actually put some thought into this party activity!IMG_5342IMG_5337 IMG_5349 IMG_5348 IMG_5323 IMG_5347 IMG_5346 IMG_5340 IMG_5319 IMG_5324 IMG_5316
{ Photo Booth }
pb1 pb2 pb3 pb4

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xoxo, Paige

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Friday, July 26, 2013

Out on the Town!

Do you ever just have one of those outfits that you're simply in LOVE with? That's exactly how I feel about this color block tunic. It flows with ease and its loose shape makes it a perfect option for the Summer season. I wore this to work yesterday followed by dinner with my handsome Dr. D. Friday's are always my favorite day of the week not only for the weekend, but because we finally get to see each other. Long distance is difficult, but we make it work :)

The sleeves are fabulous for keeping my arms warm at my sub-zero office, but the back of this lovely piece is my favorite part about it! It lets me show a little skin, without feeling skimpy at the office.

IMG_5269 IMG_5271
Oh hey Dr. D!
IMG_5279 IMG_5284 IMG_5287 IMG_5296

Tunic: Lulu's // Necklace: Gift from my bestie (similar here) // Sunglasses: Ray Bans // Watch: Juicy Couture // Monogrammed Ring: Handpicked // Bangles: Vintage // Earrings: Versona // Lip: Revlon "Moulin Rouge" // Sandals: Jack Rogers // Bag: Michael Kors

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xoxo, Paige

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Day 4: What's In A Name + Friday Five

{ Day 4: Describe your social media names }

When it comes to social media it's not only a hobby, but a daily part of my job. Working in Public Relations I have to always be "in the know" and now a days, social media is the main platform for breaking news. Due to that my social media names are rather simple and blah (because they're just my name) but hey, it's SUPER easy to find me :)

You can follow me here:
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{ Friday Five + One! }

After moving to LA, I found it rather difficult to find cute, AFFORDABLE boutiques with preppy attire. Lord knows Melrose Avenue has some great stores but they aren't so fabulous to my wallet! Since I can't shop in the South, I do it online instead! These are by far my favorite boutiques to grab something fun, preppy and adorable!


Unique Chic Website


Vestique Website


Red Dress Boutique Website


The Mint Julep Website


A Cut Above Website


Blake & Brady Website

xoxo, Paige