Friday, July 26, 2013

Day 4: What's In A Name + Friday Five

{ Day 4: Describe your social media names }

When it comes to social media it's not only a hobby, but a daily part of my job. Working in Public Relations I have to always be "in the know" and now a days, social media is the main platform for breaking news. Due to that my social media names are rather simple and blah (because they're just my name) but hey, it's SUPER easy to find me :)

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{ Friday Five + One! }

After moving to LA, I found it rather difficult to find cute, AFFORDABLE boutiques with preppy attire. Lord knows Melrose Avenue has some great stores but they aren't so fabulous to my wallet! Since I can't shop in the South, I do it online instead! These are by far my favorite boutiques to grab something fun, preppy and adorable!


Unique Chic Website


Vestique Website


Red Dress Boutique Website


The Mint Julep Website


A Cut Above Website


Blake & Brady Website

xoxo, Paige


  1. It took me about a year after moving here to find any good boutiques (but I hate the traffic getting to them) so I do most of my shopping online too! With free shipping and the ability to curl up with coffee and a blanket while shopping who could complain;)

    xx Cara

  2. LA is a lot to get used to but I wouldn’t change living here for the world! Free shipping is the hallelujah chorus to my online shopping along with a good Bravo TV show for background noise :)


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