Tuesday, July 23, 2013

30 Days of Blogging - Day 1

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{ Day One: Write 50 Things About Yourself }

1. I go by my middle name
2. I'm 5'3" and love it most of the time.
3. I'm addicted to ken ken and sudoku puzzles, but I don't think they help my strategic thinking like they're supposed to
4. I could live off of popcorn and chips and salsa for days
5. I'm OBSESSED with Disney World.
6. Christmas is by far my favorite time of year. November 1 is when the celebrating commences!
7. I'm a natural red head ... ginger just isn't for me
8. I'm VERY spontaneous
9. I loathe working out, but love being active. Weird?
10. I hit snooze 3 times every morning religiously
11. To say I'm addicted to Monster Energy Absolute Zero is an understatement.
12. I had braces 3 times ... and yes it sucked
13. I just recently broke the bad habit of biting my nails
14. I hate seafood and sushi. Yuck!
15. Sonic Powerade slushies are the best thing in the world
16. I've had my Gallbladder and Appendix removed ... within 10 weeks of each other
17. I don't like chocolate unless it's raisinets, resse's cups or chocolate covered strawberries
18. I'm not proud of my reality tv addiction. I blame Bravo!
19. I changed my major 3 times before settling on Strategic Communications.
20. I'm an organized, OCD freak.
21. Moving to Los Angeles, California on a whim last Spring was the most courageous thing I've ever done
22. I tend to be a very crafty person
23. I enjoy throwing parties ... especially theme ones!
24. I eat frozen pizza far more than I should admit
25. I play on 3 adult kickball leagues
26. I have perfected sock buns and love wearing them. I think they're classy!
27. My family means everything to me
28. Going off that, I talk to my mom at least once if not twice a day
29. My dad and I bond over blackjack and finances. Ironic?
30. I love living in Southern California but will ultimately end back up in the South. It's where I belong
31. I've moved 6 times, went to 6 different schools (pre college) and lived in 4 states all before the age of 25.
32. After all of these moves, I'm proud to say I still remain close with a handful of people from each area
33. I'm a great speller, but make TONS of grammatical errors
34. I think about my future far too often and am always questioning if I'm making the right decisions
35. I'd feel naked without my phone and Ray Bans. These two things make me incredibly happy
36. Meeting my roommate on Craigslist was the biggest blessing in disguise I could have ever asked for
37. I'll walk up to anyone and start a conversation. Consider me a social butterfly!
38. I'm a proud Zeta Tau Alpha alum
39. My first "big girl world" job sucked; however, it brought me to my new job which I LOVE
40. My addiction to Pinterest has gone overboard. So many things I want to try!
41. I'm a bargain hunter (thank you mom) so naturally I love Marshalls, TJ Maxx and Home Goods
42. I dream about how I'll decorate my home. Until then my apartment will have to do!
43. The fact Dr. D and I are dating is still mind boggling to me. Our story is one for the books (in a good way)!
44. I'm a go getter and tend to be a perfectionist
45. As I enter my mid-twenties I've learned to only surround myself with positive people. They tend not to be buzzkills!
46. I HATE when people leave shopping carts in parking spaces!
47. I constantly think about opening up a clothing boutique or event planning business. One day one will happen
48. My mom thinks I own too many dresses and jewelry knick-knacks, however I don't think I have nearly enough
49. I sing in my car when stuck in traffic ... loudly. The looks I get from people are hysterical
50. I started this blog for myself, but hope it brings joys to others!

Hope you got to know a little bit more about me!
P.S. I got the adorable template for my 30 Day Blog Challenge over at Thelatestfind.com make sure to check her out!

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  1. This is great! What a fun 'get to know you post'. We have a lot in common...OCD, hate fish, perfectionist, bargain-hunter, Pinterest obsessed, live in CA, and am also appendix-free! Looking forward to your future posts. :)
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