Thursday, July 25, 2013

Day 3: 5 Comparisons

Growing up I was a tomboy. Not just the athletic girl who wanted to get dirty and explore, but the one who loved Matchbox cars and Brio train-sets (anyone even remember those?), but alas I hit high school and things were bound to change. I instantly became fashion obsessed and loved all things about make-up but never understood how to wear half of it.

Truth be told, I learned how to do my make up from watching multiple episodes of "Full House" where Aunt Becky taught DJ how to do hers. I know ... awkward AND embarrassing. My mom and sister have always been mascara and lip gloss kinda girls, but I knew I was going to be different. I started my make up collection with tons and tons of chapstick because, frankly it's all I was really willing to try. I had almost every flavor of Lipsmakers imaginable and considered myself a chapstick expert fairly quickly.

I may have left my Lipsmakers days behind, but still consider myself a chapstick expert. Here are my thoughts on 5 brands you simply can't go wrong with!

1. Chapstick: The original at its finest. Great to always have stashed in your bag for a back up. If you're lips are seriously chapped I would go with another brand, but for a quick fix Chapstick will do the job. The original has the black container, but go for the green Spearmint. It leaves a nice tingle on your lips!

2. Burt's Bees: What is there not to love about Burt's Bees? In my opinion they have the best tinted balms but just run out too quickly in their skinny little tube. As far as the chapstick goes steer clear of the lifeguard version with the red cap. It may have SPF in it, but will turn your lips BRIGHT WHITE!

3. Baby Lips: Ever since Maybelline came out with this last Summer I have become OBSESSED. I always have a tube in my car to throw on over my lip stick to give it a little shine without going overboard like a gloss. The tinted balms in this line are fabulous because they actually moisturize as well. Talk about a win, win. No cons for this bad boy!

4. Blistex: The great thing about Blistex is they have a kind of chapstick for everyone. Whether you like to have a cool roller ball apply to your lips, a normal twist cap or squeeze from a tube, they have it all! Only brand I will wear during those harsh Winter months where your lips aren't only just dry, but they crack. Fortunately, since living in LA I haven't had to bust this guy out too much!

5. C.O. Bigelow: Bath & Body Works did their research when they started selling this line of lip products. I always keep this one in my clutch because it instantly makes your breath seem a little less harsh. The mint gives your lips a tingle which feels incredible but BONUS this beauty also has SPF in it! Next time you can't get to a piece of gum right away, just swipe some of this on your lips and go back to being fabulous!

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