Monday, August 12, 2013

Wrapping Up - 20 Day Blog Challenge

Alas, the 20 Days of Blogging has come to its end. Technically it was supposed to end a while ago, but better late than never!

{ Day 15: First Concert }

My first concert was the infamous N*SYNC. I wasn't even that excited for it, which is ironic because now I love going to concerts! I knew every word of every song, got a T-shirt that drowned me (who doesn't have kid sizes at a teen concert?) and made memories with my sister and mom which will last a lifetime.

       { Day 16: Favorite Brands }


{ Day 17: 6 Things that Cross My Mind Daily }

1. If I made the right choice moving to LA
2. When & how I can start my own event planning business
3. Some detail of my dream wedding
4. Why the far right lane moves faster in my work commute (weird I know)
5. How much I miss my family
6. Wondering how Dr. D's day is going

{ Day 18: Dating }

Dr. D and I met in undergrad. We always had a thing for each other but the timing was never right. After not seeing each other for close to a year (he went to CA for grad school) we met up with some friends to spend NYE 2012 in Vegas together. By April 2012 I was moving to California to be with him and the rest is history.
dr d

{ Day 19: Confessions }

1. I sing really loud in my car during rush hour traffic.
2. I'm a natural red head
3. I'm not ready to admit to myself that my mid-twenties are quickly approaching

{ Day 20: Proudest Achievement of 2013 }

Besides landing an amazing job and surviving an entire year in a new city on my own, I'm really proud that I don't bite my nails anymore. It's been a TERRIBLE habit I've had since I can chew. I still pick at my hangnails and cuticles, but hey at least now I can paint my nails like the rest of society!

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