Friday, January 10, 2014

Hello dolls! I hope you like the new look :) 

As I rang in 2014 I naturally sipped my champagne, kissed Dr. D and immediately began to think of resolutions. I'm not one to make them (because who actually sticks to them?) but this year I'm making an exception. 

My one and only resolution is to blog more often and give it my all. 

Naturally, there were things I wanted to do to update my layout:
-Add an Instagram slideshow
-Put the Pinterest hover button over my photos
-Make a more attractive Stylish Tuesday button and actually have the box be centered (y'all that would drive me nuts!)

and the list went on and on. 

Needless to say over the last week I have been leaving the office every night and going straight home to work on my brand new blog layout. I think it's turned out rather well but I'm sure small tweaks will be made here and there! 

If you would please follow my new Bloglovin' here, or go to my right side by and follow me via GFC it would literally mean the world! I lost all of my followers in the transition, but I think the move will be well worth it in the long run! 

Thanks to everyone for their support in this journey! 



  1. Oh, I know that blog designing and layout work can be so time consuming! It's definitely not my favorite part of blogging, but it's worth it to have a blog that you love the look of. Keep up the good work, checking all of your blogging projects off the list!

    1. Thanks so much Rachel! Losing all of my followers definitely is not fun, but hopefully everything will work out for the best!

  2. great new look
    hope you are having a great weekend

    1. You're too sweet Brett! Thanks for checking out the new page :)

  3. Your new look is great! Hope you like working with Blogger!


    1. Thanks Nikki! So far I've only been frustrated by my lack of font colors while typing a post compared to Wordpress ... but I'll take that!

      BTW your blog binder pages already make my life so much easier! Thanks again for shooting those over!


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