Thursday, July 17, 2014

Month in Instagram: June

Happy Thursday Dolls! 

My June was busy as crap at work - which is a huge change because the summer is always my slow season! I met up with some old friends, made new ones, worked a ton of events and celebrated Dr. D on multiple occasions!

I finally got back into working out as well and feel amazing. Granted it's a slow process, but hey it's an improvement from the 12 oz. bicep work out which I usually do!

My babe Sammee and I handle the bar games for our kickball league and had an amazing time at our America themed end of season party
Met up with one my sorority sister Karyn in Santa Monica! 

Another day, another red carpet event in Beverly Hills
My motto which got me through the ENTIRE month y'all!

Hold the Cone's from Trader Joe's are the absolute best and only 80 calories! SCORE!
Did some morning yoga on the Santa Monica Pier

Wine deliveries at work always make the day a little brighter - clearly we couldn't wait to dive in!
Had to have a cheat day with chocolate chip cookie dough cheesecake ... so sinful yet so delicious!

Bright work out shorts and matching shoes? Don't mind if I do!
Not a hockey fan in the least, but it was pretty amazing to be in LA when the Kings won
Celebrating Dr. D's graduation with my bestie Morgan
The Doctor himself! So incredibly proud of my man!

My favorite look of the month. Love the gold & cobalt blue combination!
Saw a ton of flags waving all over LA for the World Cup

Kickin' ass and takin' names at kickball
Got a white mani for the first time ... don't think that will be happening again
Took Dr. D out to a huge congratulatory dinner at Chart House in Redondo Beach the day he officially became a doctor. They even personalized his menu and had champagne waiting for us!
Starbucks got green straws and this made me happy, happy, happy!

Did y'all do anything fun this past month?


  1. Your pictures make me miss Santa Monica SO so bad. I use to live right on Idaho (off Montana) at 17th. Which hotel in BH? I use to have be at the Beverly Hilton so much I thought I lived there... (and not in a good way)

  2. Great pictures! you gotta love Starbucks :)

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