Friday, November 7, 2014

Guess Who's Back!!!!

Hey. Hi. Hello.
My name is Paige and I have a confession, I kind of gave up on blogging. 

Rather than give a bajillion excuses of as to why I didn't have the time, I'm going to keep it simple and say my heart just wasn't in it for a while - but truth be told, I miss blogging like no other so now I'm back in the game! My posts will be on Tuesday's and Thursday's each week so I can indeed keep up with my Stylish Tuesday linkup which will be happening again this upcoming Tuesday, November 11 (seriously y'all when did it hit November?!) 

I figured the easiest way to catch everyone up on my life is to do a monthly play by play so here we go:

August was a GREAT but hectic month for sure. As I'm sure most of you are well aware, I'm a publicist for the wines represented at the Emmy Awards and I'm an avid WAKA kickball player. To start the month off my league, CA Westside celebrated our End of Season (EOS) party on a private yacht in Marina del Ray!
Old school curler status, and posing with the beautiful Ms. Kay 
Ky Con's and my friendship in a nutshell, don't know what I'd do without him!
Posing with my cousin and fellow social chair

Group of us at the pre-game party
Getting into full Emmy work mode and my girlfriend Melissa from SC always knows how to cheer me up! 
Creative Arts Ball tickets and gang who attended. Matty, Meems, Dr. D and I 
Gift baskets for the wine executives
Dr. D and I at the after party 
Robin Williams death was a tragedy, so naturally I had to pay my respects in a funny way
Towards the middle of the Emmy madness I started to get REALLY sick. No way was I letting that happen!
Uzo Aduba so graciously accepting her Emmy award from Morgan Freeman
 Dress for the big night, loved the earrings paired with it from Francesca's Collection
My girlfriend Kate did my hair and I LOVED how it turned out, sleek and slightly messy
Getting a shot of the back of my dress in front of the Beaulieu Vineyard wine bar
Wine on wine on wine
Our winemaker with Woody Harrelson
After all of the award craziness I finally let loose and had some fun at Universal Studios Hollywood! 

In the middle of August, Dr. D finally ventured off to Ohio to move for his job. Realistically, I couldn't expect him to stay in California forever but when he left I didn't realize my entire world was about to change. I try to keep him vague on the blog because he didn't care to be in the spotlight, but 3 weeks after he left we decided we were on different paths and decided to end things. This is the first time I've been single in years and it's definitely taking some getting used to ...

After the initial shock wore off of Dr. D actually being in a different part of the country and we were no longer together, I realized I needed to start focusing on myself more and doing things which genuinely made ME happy. This was when the blogging started to come to a stand still because 1) I had lost my photographer and 2) Even though this blog is 100% my own, it always reminded me of him. I turned to my friends and did a bunch of outings to stay busy and keep the past out of my mind
To immediately get my mind on trek, my roommate made a countdown for our kickball Vegas trip in mid October
I also played hooky one day to go to the brand new Dunkin' Donuts in Santa Monica. It was so worth it!  
Alas, my old roommate and dearest friend in California decided she needed to venture away from the West Coast and move to the big Apple. Needless to say, we sent Morgs off in style!
Got to celebrate my best guy friend's "Dirty 30" Birthday with a Patriots win!
Played some life size Jenga at The Phoenix in Beverly Hills - amazing bar if you haven't been!
Did a CA Dogtown mid-season bar crawl with a full on party bus. So legit
At one of my many work events with my dear friend Brenda!
A group of kickballer's drove to Oxnard to play footgolf - what's that you ask? It's a golf course with 3 feet wide holes and rather than hitting a golf ball with a club, you kick a soccer ball the distance of the fairway and putt it in. So fun and naturally you have to dress the part!

This is when work got truly insane for me. I thought Emmy season was bad, but I literally worked 5 events in one weekend and decided rather than take my one day off to relax and unwind to go see Luke Bryan in concert - his tight jeans shaking it made it worthwhile though!
A family vaca couldn't have come at a better time! I literally flew from CA to FL for a 4 day weekend which normally would take some serious contemplating because it's just not much time back East; however, this trip happened without a second thought. I landed in Orlando and 2 hours later was in line to enter Magic Kingdom with my sister and we had the best day in our tutu's and custom shirts!
 We ended up staying for Mickey's "Not So Scary Halloween" and had a blast! We've been there for Christmas but not Halloween so we rode rides until midnight, ate processed corn dogs, trick or treated and frolicked around like we were 5 waiting in line for character photo shots. When we got home, my sister noticed someone had lost their Mickey balloon. Naturally she wanted it so she literally got in a bush with a hanger to retrieve it and was damn proud. God bless her!
 During the Halloween party a lot of Disney characters you don't normally see are roaming around or the typical ones are dressed in costumes which is adorable. Unfortunately, we didn't get a shot with Jack and Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas, but we did however get a photo with all 7 of Snow White's Dwarves!
Upon returning to LA, I needed a carb overload and immediately headed to Blaze Pizza in Culver City. Y'all it's mind-blowing-ly good!
I literally got back from Florida on Monday morning, and drove to Las Vegas on Thursday night with Meems and Kyle for our kickball tournament through WAKA. This was legit one of the best weekends of my life and I can't wait to go back again next year with our team "License to Kick!"
Kyle and I FINALLY got the dirty dancing move down and this wasn't the best photo of it. Look for a video in an upcoming blog post because I'm damn proud of us!

As if a weekend of kickball wasn't enough, a new season of CA Westside just started back up and I'm obsessed with my team because of this girl right here - Margo.
Any Revenge fans out there? James Tupper a.k.a. David Clarke is literally the sweetest man in the world and looks insanely handsome with or without his rugged beard!

After all the work events were over, I went to go see Luke Bryan shake it with Margo and Meghan at The Forum
My hairdresser Kate was taking classes on the Westside of LA so we all met up for Happy Hour. What was supposed to be an hour or two long ended up being a 5 hour hang out sesh

 When it comes to Halloween I like to consider myself a pro. at throwing together last minute costumes. Last year it was Easy A (black dress with pink A taped on) and this year it was a toss up between Minnie Mouse (because duh, I already had the tutu and ears) or a Walk of Shame. Clearly Walk of Shame won and it was not only great because the pocket held all of my stuff, but beyond comfortable! 

If you just barred through that entire lengthy post than a) you're awesome and b) I hope you come back to link up on Tuesday! Thanks for dealing with me during my blog absence y'all, all of your emails truly made me feel insanely loved. 


  1. Welcome back! It looks like you had a great time during your break! That kickball tournament sounds awesome. Sometimes you just have to recharge your batteries. Have a great weekend!

    Nicole to the Nines

  2. I genuinely missed you Paige and your link up too. You definitely had some busy last few months and I understand because in the last month my life has changed and gotten busier too.

    So many fun events. Your job is awesome. I am sorry about the breakup though.

    Hope your weekend was great.

    Hugs Ada.

  3. SO glad you're back and such a great recap our your super FUN life that past few months. To be a young single again....sigh

  4. Glad to see you back! It sounds like you had a great and busy past couple of months despite your break-up. Have a great week!


  5. Yeah dear!! I visited watershed Pub and kitchen last Sunday with my friends at night. The food was so yummy and staff service was excellent. This is one of the best Seattle venues.

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