Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Trip to New York City!

I'm baaack! Dr. D's and my trip to NYC was completely chaotic, fun and exhausting. We met up with friends, I met his family for the first time, ate WAY too much food and walked until I thought my legs were going to fall off. Since I had never been to New York before it was an experience to put it in a word. I love the city, but it made me appreciate sunny Los Angeles more than ever!

We arrived Thursday evening and instantly got an entire NY pizza. It was inhaled with some Landshark and man it was tasty! We met up with our college friend Griffin afterwards who works on Food Network's Chopped. Hearing some of the BTS stories completely made our night .

Friday was "our" day. Unfortunately it rained the entire day and not a SINGLE photo was taken. I'm still completely devastated with myself for not busting out my camera once!

Saturday was an extremely busy. I met Dr. D's parents for the first time and things went extremely well! First we toured the Empire State Building which had the most glorious views of the city and extremely high winds!

IMG_6080IMG_6083Then we took a quick trip over to Rockafeller Center. It was opening day on the infamous ice skating rink!
One quick subway ride later and we're on Coney Island! 
Dr. D made a fuss about "The Cyclone" so naturally we made him and his brother ride it

After Coney Island we went back to Manhattan and ventured over to the 9/11 Memorial
IMG_6107 IMG_6109IMG_6113
The "Survivor Tree" is the only one to survive the 9/11 attacks

Did I mention the new Freedom Tower is GORGEOUS? 

Sunday morning we got to go on our helicopter ride and were both really excited! It may have only been 20 minutes long but we got to see some pretty mesmerizing views!

IMG_6119 IMG_6140
We got to sit right up front! 
Central park is MASSIVE!

We spent the afternoon in Bowling Green and Wall Street but I'll write more about that and the rest of the vacation in tomorrow's post!


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  1. Wow. Sounds like you had a great trip! I've always wanted to go on a helicopter tour!


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