Friday, December 6, 2013

Month in Instagram November

November came and went in the blink of an eye!

My work schedule finally slowed down so I got to spend more time with my friends, Dr. D and flat out relax! Sleeping in had been foreign to me and it was so nice to get some extra hours in on the weekend!

Here's how I spent the rest of November:

MII 1 2
1. Best Target find in a while.
2. Girls night with my blonde partner in crime
3 4
3. First Christmas tree of the season ... and it was huge!
4. Treated myself to nice gel mani. Was plum purple, now emerald green
5 6
5. & 6. Dr. D took me wine tasting for date night
7 8
7. Chambray + Leggings + Boots = Winning
8. Attended a club opening preview in Hollywood
9 10
9. It was time for a change ...
10. No more highlights and cut a good bit off
11 12
11. Christmas decorations are up including a Friendsgiving present ...
12. Swooning over my Just Fab booties!
13 14
13. Surprise mail package from Momma
14. Dr. D showing his romantic side
15 16
15. Christmas at The Grove
16. LA traffic is already bad, but it's at a stand still when Obama visits
17 18
17. Getting ready in the morning with Jeffrey
18. Hosted Friendsgiving with the rooms
19 20
19. Oh just beat Clemson for the 5th time in a row. Rival Schmival!
20. Sister dear enjoying a goblet at Sugar Factory in Vegas
21 22
21. Saw the new Michael Jackson show which I highly recommend
22. Spotted Flamingos at the Flamingo
23 24
23. & 24. Enjoyed the JT concert with my sister for her birthday!

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