Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Month in Instagram: January


I can't be the only one a little excited about Wednesday right? My work week has been dragging but I do have my first kickball game of the season tonight so that's something to look forward to! Today is also my 1 year blogging anniversary believe it or not!

So I'm sure you're sitting there wondering where is my outfit post with all of the confetti and balloons? Well kids, unfortunately that isn't coming. I may have started my blog a year ago today but I actually didn't do anything with it until last July/August; therefore, that is when my blogiversary will be celebrated! Hopefully this doesn't offend anyone ...

January was a rather busy month for me but rather than tell you I'll show you:

1. Missed our 8 am New Years Day flight in DC ... naturally Einstein Bros. was a necessity
2. Sunday Brunch at Eat This! in Hollywood featuring a mixed metal stack

3. Went to Griffith Observatory and had this glorious view of smoggy Los Angeles
4. Went to the BCS National Championship Rose Bowl pre-party. Yay for Work perks!
5. Event season officially started in LA with the Golden Globes and red carpet traffic
6. Enjoyed a cold one at Dr. D's abode
7. Received a belated birthday gift from my bestie!
8. Jeff the cat decided to help me unpack, so I decided to carry him around the apartment like this
9. Saw Kyle Richards in Neiman's than she responded to my tweet ... Life made
10. Proudly displayed the earrings my sister got me for my birthday
11. Much needed date night with this stud ... I mean look at those eyes!
12. Met up with some college friends at Sur in Beverly Hills followed by a night at The Abbey!
 13. After we beat the Patriots, I showed my love for Manning ... I refuse to discuss the Superbowl
14. Got a much needed mani and celebrated Chinese New Year all at the same time
15. Caught some rays in Santa Monica
16. Couldn't resist wearing my Chanel graphic tee! Enter below to win one of your own!

What did you enjoy the most about January?

There's still 2 days left in my Graphic Tee Giveaway!

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  1. Love your Insta. What a fun month you had!



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