Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Jewelry Organization 101

Happy Wednesday Everyone! 

I know the holidays are well over but over my Christmas vacation I had a whooping 2 weeks off of work. Oh to have those glory days back! I'm all about lazy days watching Sex and the City marathons, but one day I decided to jump on Pinterest. As every girl knows once you log on there's no going back for a good 2-4 hours ... or is this just me?

 Hello my name is Paige (raises hand) and I'm addicted to Pinterest.

The first (and only) thing I searched for was a proper way to organize jewelry. Every girl has their own unique and cute way of doing it, but I couldn't figure mine out. My necklaces were hanging on a key hook from Bed Bath and Beyond, I had earrings in small dishes and my dresser was constantly looking like a hot mess with bracelets, rings and earring backs all over the place.

I immediately found some great ideas on my beloved Pinterest but wanted to make them Paige-esque.
Yes I just made up my own word and I'm sticking with it.
images via and via the other two weren't linked on Pinterest please let me know if it's yours!

I loved the white bowl and candlestick look but I'd lose everything in those bowls lets be real. The frame idea is great, I just don't have the wall space. I like the rod to hang necklaces on but think it would be a pain to actually get the one piece I wanted easily and lastly, this bracelet stack is serious eye candy but again would be a pain to get the bangle I'm after in a pinch.

After seeing these ideas and contemplating what I actually wanted to do I grabbed my handyman Dr. D and make a quick trip to the holy grail of organization: IKEA. We got our supplies and went to work. Take a look at the before and after shots of my chaotic mess turning into an organized dream.

Let's start with my handbags ... before they were on a hook I bought at Marshall's but the weight was overwhelming causing my bags to fall on the floor -- and one of the ends to fall off!
I bought a shelf at Ikea (details below) and it instantly made a huge difference!

My necklaces were on a key hook purchased from Bed Bath and Beyond. I loved the way they were displayed but since it only had 5 hooks I had at least 6-7 necklaces per hook.
These Ikea hooks (details below) made everything nice and neat with 2-3 necklaces per hook

I think displayed jewelry is a great substitution for art so I keep it on my dresser like this:
 I lost the cap to my favorite two sided lip stick so please excuse the ziploc bag!

Dresser Details:
Bracelet Bar: The Container Store // Earring Tree: Bed Bath & Beyond
Felt Divider Trays: Marshall's // Lipstick Acrylic Tray: The Container Store

Ikea Shelf Tutorial:
I bought the middle length shelf and the triangular wall mounts for additional weight support
In the upstairs kids playroom section were these hooks. The package didn't state what they were for but with them being double sided and featuring wide and narrow ends it was a great option for my handbags.
Ta Da, the finished look! All it took was screwing the hook plates into the shelf but man what a difference! I also love having the shelf to put my hats and clutches on

Necklace Hooks
These hooks were in the window treatment section. Normally the hook would face the front but I turned it to the side to have easier access to my statement pieces
The wall mount could be put on the short side (as shown) or the long side (holding the hooks) I chose the short side to give more room for the hooks. As shown on the right side the hooks are facing outwards in a rotating fashion to make it easier to find the necklace I want to wear

What ways do you store your jewelry? I'd love to hear them!


  1. LOVE all of your organization tips! I could really use all of these! lol Great ideas!

  2. I love what you did with your bracelets!

  3. Everything looks great- and what's better, it's all totally accessible now so you can see it + wear it. Nothing like getting organized!

    Happy Wednesday, doll!


  4. Wow that looks better now Paige....& you've got a huge collection of the best accessories!!!


  5. Love the makeover!!! Especially the handbag rack!!\

  6. You guys did a wonderful job here. However, as a jewelry designer myself, I must say it would be so much better to lay the pieces flat if they are good quality. Hanging them places too much stress on the stringing wire. For fashion jewelry it's OK. Just FYI...


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