Thursday, June 26, 2014

East vs West Swim + Cover Up

Happy Thursday Babes! 

June has seriously flown by y'all, here we are at the last Thursday of the month again which means it's time for East vs. West Coast Style with Pamela from Sequins & Seabreezes! Things have been so hot lately in LA and Florida so we decided to showcase swim and cover ups this time around! 

I'm obsessing over Pamela in navy blue, I truly think this is her color! I also love the sleeves on her cover up ... perfect to take her from the pool to the club house for a mai tai without looking inappropriate!
I love her fringe top with stripe bottoms! 
Once again, Pamela and I are just alike in our peek-a-boo cover ups!

Naturally when we were talking about what to feature this month I suggested swimwear because I've been DYING to do a beach photo shoot and low and behold, it didn't happen. I had my house warming last Saturday night and Sunday was spent cheering on good 'ol USA in the World Cup. Long story short, I went to my trusty rooftop for photos!

I bought this cover up the Summer before last when Dr. D and I went to Palm Springs because I was tired of throwing on sundresses. I was tried of shopping around at the Grove and gave in as I walked into Nordstrom. Don't get me wrong, I'm all about Nordstrom but whenever I go in there I know I'm about to drop some serious moola. 
As I rode the escalator up to the swim section, I told myself I wouldn't buy anything unless it was timeless and I'd continuously wear it over the years. After my mental pep talk, I saw it hanging on the back wall in an array of colors with a big SALE sign above it - this was too good to be true! I grabbed it in hot pink, white and black and went to the fitting room because sometimes you just need to try the color on against your skin to know what you're getting yourself into. 
Cover Up: Becca by Rebecca Virtue // Fedora: H&M // Bathing Suit: Victoria Secret // Sunnies: Ray Ban

Turns out black looked the best and was the only color NOT on sale. Go figure. I was so in love with it at that point I dropped the $120 ... yes it still makes me cringe ... grabbed my shiny gray bag and booked it the hell out of there. Looking back I'm SO glad I bought it because I wear it every single time I go to the pool, spa, or beach. Sometimes it's worth it to spend the extra money for a quality piece!

Do y'all have any pieces in your closet you're thankful you spent the money on?


  1. This cover up is gorgeous! I love the fedora and sunglasses you paired with it! You are making me want to go to the beach just so I can wear my cute summer faves! :)
    Brittney Marie

  2. LOVE how you paired this with fedora and sunnies--a true cali beach babe :)


  3. Both of your dark-colored cover-ups are beautiful, understated and unique, yet so sexy!! You look adorable in that braid and fedora too. One more reason why I love your style. Speaking of I gave you a little shout-out on my post today so come take a peek. And you are welcome. =)

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  5. Both of you look super stylish in your cover-ups...
    I try to carefully select everything I buy... so the answer to your question is yes :)
    x Nina


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