Friday, June 20, 2014

I'm Dating A Doctor!

Happy Friday Y'all! 

This time last week I was on my way to Orange County to spend the weekend with a bunch of my friends from undergrad celebrating Dr. D's big weekend ... to say I miss it would be an understatement! It was so nice to see my sorority sisters and just catch up like we did not too long ago. 
Dr. D and his not so little brother
Acting like the kids we all truly are!

Friday night was pretty low key just hanging out, took a late night swim and telling stories about the college days we all genuinely miss. I think the picture above captures it all!

Saturday we spent the afternoon/evening at his aunt and uncle's house in Irvine. They threw an amazing party for him and we all had a wonderful time. 
The sun was in all of their eyes, but they were troopers taking photos! 

His family had filled the house with decorations but the most amazing part of the entire party was the life size cut out they had made of Dr. D! It was from the night things all began with him and I in Vegas 2 1/2 years ago so it made it that much more special to me when I saw it. 
The party wouldn't have been complete without Morgs there. We may not be roommates anymore, but I can't imagine celebrating this achievement without her. She's helped support Dr. D the past 2 years more than she knows
With the graduation boy! He's just so darn handsome!

Sunday morning I drove back to LA and met up with Dr. D and his family for dinner at The Grove. We all got various things at the farmers market and had a really nice evening before his big day. 

In a blink of an eye, Monday was upon us. It was a little odd celebrating a graduation on a Monday evening, but there's so many kids at UC Riverside it made sense. After sitting in 3 hours of traffic from LA to Riverside (yes that's a 60 mile drive) and nearly missing commencement, I made it in the knick of time and got to watch his big moment - getting hooded. 
As Dr. D got hooded I couldn't describe my emotions. Not only was I so immensely proud of him, it also hit me that our lives are truly just beginning. Everything is going to change in August when he either moves to Ohio or San Francisco for a job, (depending on which one he takes) and we'll once again be in a long distance relationship. 

I don't tend to get into too many details about mine and his relationship on my blog, but right now I can't help it. The whole time we've been together it's been a distant relationship in the sense where we only see each other on weekend's and in a few short months it's going to be once every month or so I'll get to actually be in his arms. 
I love this man more and more everyday. I'm beyond lucky to be blessed with such an amazing man by my side supporting me in all that I do, but this weekend was about him and all that he's done. Anyone that can finish a PhD in Chemical and Environmental Engineering in 4 years rather than 5 or 6 has already accomplished a tremendous fete, but to finish it and receive multiple job offers right off the bat is remarkable. 

He's spent the last week in San Francisco with his family and I can't wait to spend the weekend with him when he gets back tomorrow. 

Do any of you have any big weekend plans? 


  1. Wow - a PhD in 4 years is crazy impressive! Congrat's to Dr. D :)

  2. I want to proud of you, cherish, believe that you will have more sweet and happiness.
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  3. Loved this post very very much Sweet Paige. I enjoyed the story, the photos, and your telling of your love towards him. He has such a loving, dedicated girlfriend. I know that you will make it through the long-distance relationship because you are both so in love. You two look adorable in that last photo.

    Catching up with some posts I missed from you. As always a pleasure. I also enjoy when you stop by and comment so welcome by anytime. <3 Ada.

  4. This time last week I was on my way to Orange County to spend the weekend with a bunch of my friends from undergrad celebrating Dr. D's big ...


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