Thursday, May 15, 2014

Cabo San Lucas Trip Recap!

Happy Thursday Loves!

I promised a Cabo recap and I always like to keep my promises, so here it is!
I will forewarn this post is long so without further a due:

Dr. D and I went to the airport bright and early to catch our flight. I wore hot pink shorts and my mint Charleston sweatshirt so he'd easily spot me - for some reason he tends to lose me in public places. I blame the fact that I'm short and can blend in with the crowd pretty easily!

We arrived in Cabo and waited in customs for about 45 minutes, grabbed our bags, dodged the timeshare people and walked out to find our cab service. The resorts by the water are about 30 minutes away so we booked a shuttle through Cabo Transfers and let me tell y'all they were AWESOME! We paid $84 round trip for the both of us which was a steal compared to the taxis - not to mention the second you get in the van you're offered Pacifico and water to truly get you in the vacation spirit! 

We stayed at the Riu Santa Fe and it was such a stunning resort. It was an all inclusive so the food wasn't spectacular, but it wasn't horrible either as some of the reviews led on. There were 2 breakfast buffets, 2 lunch buffets, 4 specialty restaurants (Italian, Asian, Mexican and the Steakhouse) and a dinner buffet. You had plenty of options and a sports bar for late night munchies if need be. As we checked in we were handed Pineapple Margaritas - YUM and finally realized we truly were in Mexico.
The rooms were rather large and extremely accommodating. I didn't get the best picture of the layout, but the mini fridge was always stocked with bottled water, Pepsi, 7-Up and beer ... lots and lots of beer. Oh and did I mention they had a liquor dispenser? This place was made for partying!

As great as the room was, the views from the balcony were even better. Our first 2 nights we stayed in a garden room (top photo) and got to look at the luscious greens and gorgeous mountains as the sunset which was truly breathtaking. For the remainder of the trip we had an ocean view room (bottom photo) which was definitely more up our alley. 

Our first full day there we decided to check out the marina in downtown Cabo. This is where all of the bars were, a mall and the most amazing Mexican food I've ever had in my life. All of the places were buy one get one free margaritas or beers and the prices were so cheap it blew my mind - $5 for 2 beers or $8 for 2 margaritas?! I thought I had died and gone to heaven. 

Mango Cantina was one of the cutest places I've ever been. The place was entirely open and had one of the best views of the marina (check it out in the top right photo!) We ended up indulging in grilled chicken tacos and I probably ate my weight in chips and salsa - but hey I was on vacation so why not?! We probably spent a good 3-4 hours there on Sunday and went back on our last day there just to end the trip with some more phenomenal Mexican food. The staff remembered us (which I found flattering with how many tourists come and go) and chatted us up for another 3 hour afternoon. Super nice people, great beer selection and did I mention the awesome food? Yes I think I did a time or two, but y'all it was that good!

All of the buildings surrounding the marina were super colorful and the boats were too pretty not to stare at; however, there was so much more of downtown to see than just the marina so we walked around and window shopped. I had to get a photo of this bench because it was just too funny. The sign says, "Waiting for the perfect man."

Of course no trip to Cabo would have been complete without checking out the famous Cabo Wabo! We didn't actually end up eating or drinking here, but did walk through just to get some photos. Since we went during the day everything was nice and clean and the walls looked super fun with various animal prints and neon paint - I can just imagine how crazy this place would get as the night progresses! 

Top: Target // Bottoms: Victoria Secret     Dr. D's Trunks: Polo, Ralph Lauren      Bottoms: Target

The rest of the week was all about pure relaxation. There were 3 pools which faced the ocean and had inifinity ends (see above) which you were able to sit on and look out at the waves crashing. Dr. D and I would sit there and be mesmerized by how serene it was even though there were people partying all around us. Talk about getting caught up in the moment! 

My favorite part of the pools were the chaise lounges in the water and the swim up pool bars. I swear y'all once I strike gold (fingers crossed one day) I will have a zero entry pool on one end and a swim up pool bar on the other. My goal in life is to be the hostess with the mostess and have amazing outdoor bbq's. I can dream right?!

As I mentioned earlier the latter of our trip we switched rooms to have an ocean view from our balcony. It was so nice to enjoy a drink before dinner but we soon realized this was the party tower with all the raging groups of people. It didn't bother us in the least, but after spending all day at the pool drinking we were looking to unwind rather than keep the party going. The next couple of days were spent at the pool in the center of the grounds - we had a great time playing volleyball with a group from Oklahoma and meeting all sorts of people at the swim up pool bar. 

I took these from the edge of the infinity pool - I was blown away by how beautiful Cabo San Lucas truly is - I mean check out that water y'all it's just so blue! The large rocks were pretty spectacular too!

Before I took my blog pictures one night I wanted to capture the beach at sunset. Since the water isn't technically facing west the sun doesn't set over the water like it does in Southern California, but the skies were still incredible to look at. There were also a bunch of vendors set up on the beach which were fun to barter with compared to the ones in town.

This was our view everyday from the breakfast buffet - I know I had to pinch myself too. We'd wake up in the morning Dr. D would grab dinner reservations, I'd grab us some pool chairs and we'd meet for the most important meal of the day! More than once we sat there silently just taking in all that was around us and staring at the beautiful ocean then one of us would catch the other's eye and we'd both start hysterically laughing.

The staff at breakfast was superb - we tried our best to order everything in Spanish and it got to the point where we got pretty good. We'd go into town and immediately greet everyone with Hola, como estas - ah muy bien y tu? and carry on the conversation from there. It was pretty astonishing what I remembered from my high school and college courses!

We didn't take nearly as many photos as I had wanted to but we caught a shot from our post-workout run (and by run I mean Dr. D ran and I sped walk behind him .... I do not run unless I'm playing kickball, sorry not sorry!) The bottom left is a shot from our resort from the beach and the bottom right is us getting Corona's from a street vendor. Cabo is just like Vegas and you can walk around with open containers and no one even blinks when they see you - pretty fan freaking tastic if you ask me!

Shirt: College Org. // Shorts: Adidas // Sneaks: Nike       Tank: Sorority // Shorts & Sneaks: Nike
                                               We're both wearing Ray Ban sunglasses

As I stated earlier Dr. D wanted to work out on our last day there. He's an avid runner, I'm talking 3-4 miles a day y'all, and me well I'm your everyday couch potato. I play on 3 kickball leagues and consider those my work outs - don't judge. 

All in all we had an amazing, romantic week long getaway and I wouldn't have changed a thing. It was extremely liberating to not have access to a phone for a week and not worry about all the work emails and social media posts! Not to mention I got to look at this stud all day every day, I mean check out that million watt smile!

Since we've been back Dr. D has been on two job interviews (one in Ohio and one in Indiana) with two huge companies in the industry. He already has one job offer on the table from a company in Michigan and has a phone interview with another one in San Francisco tomorrow. Since he has no where to brag, I'll do it for him. My man is smart and he deserves credit where credit is due!

He has no idea where he wants to go or which path he'll follow, but it's always nice to have options. He graduates next month and officially gets the big DR put in front of his name for real and not just on my blog - congrats babe! Following that we'll have a great summer together before he moves in late July or August; therefore, my life is about to drastically change with him living in the midwest and me being in LA so the next couple of months are going to be full of surprises. 

I'm so thankful and truly blessed to have y'all to chat and vent to throughout the process!

xo, Paige


  1. Gorgeous pics!! Gotta love Targets suits to mix and match :)

  2. It looks like you had an awesome vacation. I, too, love chips and salsa and there's nothing better than the authentic deal right in Mexico.

  3. Looks like so much fun. I love your silver watch and the bikini with the hot pink top and mint bottoms. So cute! I want to go to the beach.
    Stop by :)

  4. Yayyy for vacations! Looks like you guys had so much fun!


  5. Looks sooo beautiful!! Omgsh and so do you--whatever couch potato routine you follow it is working lol--teach me your secrets :) I am so glad you all got to have a great vaca!


  6. Your gorgeous pics are really making us jealous and seriously consider planning a vacation asap! And love love love your swimsuits!
    <3 Rach & Sho

  7. The pictures look so beautiful! I am so jealous...but am glad to hear of your amazing adventure! :)

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