Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Wedding Season in Dallas & Stylish Tuesday

Happy Tuesday Loves! 

After an extremely long week which seemed never-ending, I hopped on a red eye flight Friday night and headed to Dallas for my cousin Ansley's wedding. My mom's side of the family is extremely small and it's rare to ever have us all together - so when Ansley announced she was engaged I got butterflies in my stomach not only because I was beyond happy for her, but because it'd be the first time in 12 years we'd seen each other! 

Her little brother Austin moved to LA last Summer and we've seen each other here and there but with our busy schedules, it was nice to literally have all of the cousins, my aunt and uncle along with my mom in the same room. It truly is the little thing's y'all! A lot of the photos are blurry but I'm happy to have them none the less!
The Groom, TJ; My sister, Megan; The Bride, Ansley; Kelsey; Austin and myself

Speaking of little things, I forgot to mention on here that my sister finally reached the end of her long mouth battle - and that y'all is MAJOR. Ever since I can remember she's had headgear, retainers, braces, etc. and last summer she finally bit the bullet to have double jaw reconstructive surgery. Below is her process (and while it's graphic, it truly shows every step she went through. Don't worry I asked her for permission to use the photos.)
It still blows my mind how different my sister looks. She's always been beautiful, but now she is completely breathtaking and smiles more than I have ever seen her smile before in my life! 
But back to the wedding ... of course it was a lavish affair filled with long peach bridesmaid gowns, cute chalkboard signs, gorgeous floral arrangements and the most beautiful bride Texas has ever seen! While the day was completely and utterly about her (as it should be!) it made my heart melt when we went to take a photo and she asked, "Am I going to make the blog?!" Of course she was going to make the blog, how could a bride this stunning not be featured?!
Before I knew it the party was getting started and it was filled with photo booth pictures, non-stop dancing and of course a trip or two to the gelato stand! I had a fabulous time catching up with family I hadn't seen in years, gushing over my sister's amazing new smile and learning how to do "the pretzel" with my Uncle Craig.

Doing "The Pretzel" with Uncle Craig 
Megan, Aunt Kelly and I before the wedding
Tearing up the dance floor with Momma! We loved the sunglasses and glowsticks!
Me, Momma and Megan before the ceremony at the hotel
Dress: Forever 21 // Belt: Target // Heels: Michael Kors // Clutch: c/o 1 Dress Co UK // Necklace: Amazon // Earrings: Vintage // Watch: Juicy Couture // Bracelets: Sage K and Co

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  1. So much joy in this post, being reunited with family, a wedding, your sister's journey - so fabulous to see you all looking happy! It sounds like it was a huge celebration, and I'm glad that it went well (despite the long journey!). Everyone is SO well dressed in the pictures too, I love your and your sister's outfits. P x

  2. I love your blue dress you wore! And yay for your sister! I am sure she is relieved to have all of that behind her!


  3. Love your dress!!
    Yaudy Cristina

  4. Thanks for sharing such personal and fabulous photos! Your whole family is just drop dead beautiful! And I love how you wore a simple F21 dress to a wedding and made it look ultra chic and haute couture. You go with your bad self!

  5. Let me start with the dress......the color & cut is perfection! Next stop is your sister....so happy she finally got a surgery cuz she looks awesome!


  6. I love weddings! You looked gorgeous and glad you had a fun time!

    So happy to hear your sister is recovered- she looks lovely!


  7. Your dress is so chic! Very cute for the wedding! Your sister is absolutely beautiful! She looks so happy!

    Also I'm co-hosting a linkup this week! It'd be amazing if you joined the party! :D


  8. Hi Paige
    Thank you so much for making me the featured blogger from last week, I really appreciate it!
    You look beautiful in these pictures and so does your sister, I am glad you had a great time :)

  9. Congrats to your sister! Your cobalt dress is so great!
    xo, Lee

  10. Glad you had such a good time! You and your sister look stunning!
    xo Adri

  11. Seriously how fun does that wedding look! You and your mom are so cute dancing around and your sister Megan, what beauty, congrats to her!


  12. Love the cobalt blue dress and congrats to your sister! She looks beautiful!


  13. How weird - I've had exactly the same treatment and op as your sister - but I'm to chicken to show before pics. Your sis looks absolutely stunning!!!
    Love Vicky
    Around and Upside Down

  14. Ahhh looks like such a blast!! I love a good fun wedding :) And come on--what wedding that includes glowsticks wouldn't be fun?!


  15. How fun! And you look absolutely stunning! The dress and the hair - everything! Thanks for hosting! Carylee | morepiecesofme.com

  16. I super love your blue dress - stunning!!

    Abby of www.fashchronicles.blogspot.com

  17. You and your sister are beautiful! I'm happy for her and your whole family as I'm sure she's finally over her battle. I can see her glow and much more confidence oozing from her. Congratulations and best wishes to your cousin too, she is a stunning bride.

    Thank you for hosting and allowing me to share my post!

    - Karen

  18. Sounds like a busy but fun weekend. That blue dress is so perfect for a spring wedding. First time linking up. Thanks for hosting!


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