Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Month in Instagram - April

Happy Monday Dolls!

I usually aim to get my month in Instagram out within the first week of the new month, but alas I have once again procrastinated and now it's the end of May .... what the what? Where time has flown by to I have NO idea!

 Wine tasting with Dr. D for our 2 years
Monogram everything! I'm a sucker for anything and everything monogrammed!
 One of the perks of PR is getting to test out their new stuff - whether it's menus, a particular product or in this case the spa! Spa Montage hooked me up with a fabulous massage and morning of relaxation!
 Obsessed with the print of this ikat dress - perfect for Spring
Just threw this peach and gold combo on one morning and loved the way it turned out!
 Since I moved, Dr. D and I don't get to see our favorite fur ball anymore so him and Jeff the cat had one last bonding session
Enjoying a much needed Shock Top on my new roof patio after a long day of moving!
 In the midst of unpacking I threw in the towel, made some popcorn and caught up on Once Upon A Time
Driving to a work event I couldn't help but take a photo of the palm trees lining the road in Beverly Hills
Received my monogrammed (told y'all I'm obsessed) acrylic case from Prep Obsessed - still not sure where to use it at though on my new vanity 
My dear sorority sister Aly sent me a 3 month subscription to BirchBox .... just because! I am so thankful for the dear friends I've been blessed with!

That's it to wrap up April's month in Instagram ... hopefully May will be more entertaining :)

Don't forget to enter the $235 Asos Gift Card Giveaway below!

Good Luck!


  1. I love that pink bracelet! So cute! And yay for a spa day!!

  2. Love these photos - thanks for sharing them :) By the way, I just went over and followed you on GFC :) I was wondering how I just got connected when I regularly frequent your site. Now I am excited, can't miss new posts :) Xo

    Abby of

  3. If I won the ASOS giveaway I would get the Quilted Heart Cross Body Bag. I had no idea that they sold purses and they have some really cute ones.

  4. Shock Top is soooo good- and perfect for summertime! :)

    And if I won the ASOS giveaway, I would be getting myself this amaaaaaaaazing maxi dress from River Island. Gorgeous and bright!


  5. Great month in review. You had a fantastic April. Love all your monogrammed stuff (want some myself) and that day at the spa looks oh-so-relaxing!


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