Monday, September 16, 2013

Emmy's Creative Arts Ball

Living in Los Angeles almost every person you know works in the entertainment industry. There's pros and cons to every job, but honestly I couldn't feel more blessed to be working in Entertainment PR. Not only do I get to go to lavish red carpets events such as the Emmys & Oscars, but I also work for non profits during award season which is extremely liberating and rewarding. Every so often I get to take a guest to these events which is a fabulous job perk.

My mom flew into town and I was beyond excited to take her to her first red carpet event: The Emmys Creative Arts Awards & Creative Arts Ball. I told her to pack a cocktail dress because we were partying on Sunday, September 15 and she happily obliged. This will be a night we'll both never forget!

emmysMomma rocked her LBD with peplum details!emmys8Tim Gunn & Heidi Klum on the red carpetemmys4At the end of the red carpetemmys14Entrance into the Creative Arts Ball ... absolutely stunning!emmys1Our tables floral arrangement, program and bottle of BV Carneros Chardonnay emmys10Every table had a different centerpiece. They were all immaculate! emmys16Another floral arrangement from LA Premier. Kevin Lee is a geniusemmys6Emmy awards  and lots of celebratory drinksemmys2Momma and I people watching during the Creative Arts Ball emmys7In front of the Emmy statueemmys15Beaulieu Vineyard wine bar displayemmys5Stocking up on Marich chocolate's!emmys13Mom and Kevin O'Leary from Shark Tankemmys3With one of Beverly Hills' finest Robert Ell emmys12The most amazing freestyle ballet dancers behind the Grey Goose baremmys11
Mom holding the Director of the Academy Awards' Emmy!emmys17One last shot before we ended the night!

Needless to say, my mother and I had a phenomenal time. We got to see Bob Newhart win his first Emmy at 84 years old, someone drop their Emmy and have the ball roll off stage and watch stars run down the aisle in order to make the most of their 45 second speech time limit!

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  1. How fun that you got to share the event with your mom! Looks like a blast, and you both were so gorgeous!

  2. Oh my goodness! I'm drooling over all these gorgeous pictures. Looks like a fabulous evening. You and your mom both look so beautiful!

  3. WOW what an amazing job perk. I am slightly jealous :P That is so sweet that you brought your mom as well! Its cool to have an inside look at events like these. Lovely outfit too by the way - both you and your mom looked beautiful!! ps discovered you via real girl glam linkup xo


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