Thursday, September 26, 2013

My First Dry Bar Experience

Sorry my blogging has been so MIA! Between the start of event season, the Emmys this past Sunday and pre-Emmys events every night before I just have not found the time!

As a bystander, I thought the Emmys were just the Awards and a couple of after parties here and there. Now that I have the inside scoop let me tell ya, Emmy parties start A MONTH in advance with the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (ATAS) throwing parties for all of the nominees, studios throw parties for their shows and casts and beyond. Fast forward to a the week before the big E-day and you have the Creative Arts Ball which honors all of the "behind the scenes" folks. Following those awards and parties you have multiple parties each night leading up to the Emmys. I'm all about a good party, but a girl can only handle so many nights of heels!

- Now back to the blog -

On Emmy Sunday I knew I was going to have to get my hair professionally done. It's no secret I am clueless when it comes to styling and 90% of the time just run a straightener through my hair to get the frizz out! I decided to try out one of the infamous Dry Bar's I've heard so much about and booked an appointment at their Studio City location.

I walked in and was instantly welcomed with a smile and offered a glass of coffee, tea, strawberry or cucumber water. I went with the strawberry H20 and it was divine! I was told to have a seat and relax and my stylist would get me in a bit. I sat and took a look at their "hair menu":

hair 1hairThe idea of a dry bar is pure genius, especially for girls like me who need a little treatment for those special occasions. I ended up choosing the Cosmopolitan version which gave me lots of volume and loose curls. I told my hairstylist, Nona, who was nothing short of fabulous that my hair is naturally straight and tends to NEVER hold a curl. She said she'd do my curls extra tight and they'd last all night long.
hair 3
My finished "Cosmo" look and complimentary mimosa! They really know how to treat you at the Dry Bar!
hair 2hair 4
I left with a huge smile on my face because I don't think I've ever seen my hair with this much volume in my life. The big curls were still in tact and I was extremely satisfied.
hair 5
Unfortunately the curls fell immediately after I got home and I ended up busting out the curling iron and spraying on half a can of hairspray to end the night. By the next morning my hair was completely flat and I was heartbroken. I got an email on Monday asking about my experience and I told them I had an amazing time but my hair unfortunately did not last. They're insisting I come back for a complimentary blow out. Now that is customer service!

I can't wait to report on how my next blow out goes!

This was NOT a sponsored post.

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