Monday, September 30, 2013

Month In Instagram - September


September came and went y'all! I haven't had a month fly by so fast yet in 2013 but I have a feeling October is going to be the same way. You'll have to pardon my lack of interesting Instagram pictures since I'm sure a majority of them look oddly familiar!

September started out with some college friends coming into town for Labor Day Beer Olympics, followed by a little bit of online shopping. I'm trying to be good since I leave for NYC next week but it was ever so tempting to go crazy and by all sorts of things! I play on a couple different kickball leagues to when the opportunity to play Footgolf came up (instead of a golf club and gold ball you kick a kickball to each hole) I couldn't say no. It was so fun and something different to do.  Then Emmys season hit BIG time, I've already written numerous posts about those so I won't bore you with them again!

0 1
1. Having a desert trio at Mastro's Beverly Hills
2. Documenting my new sweatshirt and necklace purchases
3. Tee-Riffic Ballers at the Footgolf Invitational Tournament
4. Momma and I all dolled up for The Emmys Creative Arts Ball
4 5
5. Table at The Emmys Creative Arts Ball
6. Quick out-patient surgery
6 7
7. Enjoying a French Open cocktail at Mastro's with Momma
8. Showing my mom around The Grove
8 9
9. Dr. D and I at The Emmys Performer's Nominee Reception
10. Walking the red carpet. Our height difference really shows here
10 11
11. What I wore to the 65th Annual Emmy Awards
12. After an extremely long day/evening I had the limo all to myself post Emmys parties

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