Monday, September 23, 2013

Emmys Performers Nominee Reception

This past Friday I had the great pleasure of working the Emmys Performer's Nominee Reception in Los Angeles. Emmy nominated stars all gathered at the Pacific Design Center on Melrose Avenue to celebrate their nominations and wins from the Emmys Creative Arts Ball from the week prior.

One of my bosses and I got there right before the red carpet started in order to get celebrity signatures on our 18L bottle of Beaulieu Vineyard wine. This bottle holds 24 bottles of wine and is auctioned off to support the educational foundations for the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. My job is so rewarding in the fact I get to do what I love and be involved with some of Hollywood's finest, but the charity aspects and non-profits are truly what make my job substantial.

It was great to see such a wide array of celebrity support including Michelle Dockery, Downton Abbey; Bellamy Young, Scandal; Dot-Marie Jones, Glee; Sarah Paulson & James Cromwell, American Horror Story: Asylum; Scott Bakula, Behind the Candleabra; Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Ty Burrell and Julie Bowen; Modern Family and many many more.

Michelle DockeryBallamy Young Dot Marie Jones Julie Bowen Sarah Paulson Scott Bakula- Enough about work -

Dr. D accompanied me to this event and I was happier than ever to be by his side. He's been the best support system on my stressful work days and deals with my hectic schedule like no other. We already have the distance working against us, but he still comes to LA on Friday afternoon's when I have events on Friday night, knowing I won't see him until I get home close to midnight.

He lets me have my lazy Saturday's where I sit on the couch and watch Sex & the City and surprisingly, he enjoys it himself too. Go figure I know! I'm truly blessed to have such an amazing and supportive man by my side.

46 51The lighting didn't work in our favor, but us in front of the Emmy statuette!3Of course we had to take a red carpet shot! What party is complete without one?


  1. Can I please have your life for like a minute?! :P

    You and the boyfriend are adorable!! xo

  2. Aw thanks Lauren! He sure does make me happy!


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