Tuesday, September 3, 2013

LDW Steals & Month in Instagram: August

I was one of the fortunate ones who had a half day on Friday to kick start my long weekend. I had a doctor's appointment and after some not so hot news, I was in DYER need of some Retail Therapy. Dr. D was a doll and took me straight to the mall (The man is a gem and I'm beyond lucky to have him) to get my shop on. I scored some great deals and had to limit myself since I'm headed to NYC next month!LDW Sales

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1. Francesca's is ALWAYS my go to when I'm in need of something flirty and fun. I scored this chevron dress in turquoise blue (not pictured online) and a great new salmon dress which they just got in stock (also not online).

2. This leather skirt from H&M has been on my eye ever since I made my Fall wishlist post. It was a great buy and I'm obsessed with it!

3. It took me a while to jump on the chambray band wagon but I finally caved and got this cute top

MIIAugust was a CRAZY month for me to say the least. Event season has officially started back up which means what little free time I once had is pretty much non-existent until Halloween. It's a great thing I absolutely love my job!

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1. Having some Mustache "The Stash"  wine with the rooms
2. Thanks to one of my girlfriends I finished Orange is the New Black in 2 days. Almost ashamed to admit this ... almost
3.  Participated in the monthly champagne run. We run/walk 3.4 miles and pop champagne at the top. Simple but EXCITING!
4.  Celebrated my blondie's 25th birthday
5. Scored a $700 Tory Burch gown for $90 at TJ Maxx
6. Enjoyed delicious "Almond Joy" ice cream at Montage Beverly Hills for a work lunch
7. Couldn't resist taking a picture of my burger at Gordon Ramsey's restaurant Fat Cow
8. Dr. D and I at the Emmy's Performers Peer Group Nominee party
9. Met Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Ty Burrell from Modern Family
10. Met Jim Parsons from Big Bang Theory
11. Dr. D and Florence Henerson
12. Dr. D and Jim Parsons. Inside joke with my family since Dr. D is pretty much Sheldon Cooper. Crazy smart.
13. Emmy's Governor's Ball Preview party
14. For all the Real Housewive's fans Kevin Lee is just as FABULOUS in person. His floral work from LA Premier
15. College football has started and the Gamecocks are off to a great start
16. Hosted Beer Olympics and loved having my sorority sisters take part in it

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