Tuesday, November 5, 2013

DIY Halloween

Hey Dolls!

Since November 1 hit Halloween has been LONG over and Christmas has been all that's on my mind!

But alas, I forgot to post my Halloween costumes so I do need to back trek a little as much as it pains me to. Since my work schedule has been beyond chaotic (Working 10 events in 3 weeks) I can barely keep my eyes open, let alone shop for a costume; therefore, I had to get creative.

A couple weeks pre-Halloween my kickball league had their end of season party ... I did the easiest DIY costume ever and went as Easy A.

Initially it was supposed to be "A" from Pretty Little Liars, but realized this was a much better choice.  I wore a short dress and taped a pink A on. BOOM! Easy A was created!

haloween 3halloween 2 - image via Jackrabittproductions.com -

Halloween night I went to a USC/UCLA grad student party with my roommate and our friend Liz on the Sunset Strip. During the day I thought about what I had at home and came up with this costume: Navy Nancy!
Blue & white striped dress, metallic gold boat shoes and a captain's hat to complete the look. Not only was it free, but it was insanely comfortable compared to wearing heels all night! Morgan went as G.I. Jane and Liz was Catwoman!

What were you for Halloween? I'd love to know/see a photo of your look :)

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