Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Friendsgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Last Sunday my roommate and I hosted our 2nd Annual "Friendsgiving" dinner. We invited 20 of our closest friends over and had a spectacular pot luck style dinner. It was such a fun night filled with friends, football and even a white elephant exchange!

IMG_6350The hostess with the most-ess admiring her hard work!
IMG_6353 IMG_6355

While Thanksgiving is hugely about the food, many people forget it's about being thankful for all you have.
Never in my wildest dreams did I think moving to California would be such an exciting and thrilling ride. I packed up my car a year and a half ago to move to a foreign HUGE city, without a job and only knowing 1 person in L.A.

Now I can proudly say I love my job, my relationship with Dr. D is better than ever and I have such a strong group of friends most people would kill for. For that I am truly thankful.

IMG_6358Best roomie ever. Morgs is my everything!
IMG_6352Ally was the first Californian I had ever met. You know those girls you meet and just click with? That's us in a nutshell
IMG_6349Sir Thomas J is quite frankly one of the greatest guys I've ever known
IMG_6342Riz Ree makes you smile no matter how crappy of a mood you're in
IMG_6343Hongers & Jamie are simply the best. Plain and simple!
IMG_6346Greg and Matt are my go to guys. They're always down for anything!
IMG_6347Chad will do anything for anyone. People like him are truly rare!
IMG_6362Dr. D is my better half. Can't wait to spend the weekend with him!

I'm off to Viva Las Vegas for the holiday to see my family! Hope everyone has a fabulous Turkey Day!

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving Paige! We had a similar friendgiving party yesterday..always a beautiful time with the friends!! You all look so happy and fab!!

  2. Thanks doll! We had such a fun time! Hope your Thanksgiving was filled with love and TONS of food :)


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