Wednesday, November 13, 2013

World Kindness Day

Do you ever have a day that is just completely and utterly awful?
That happened to me this past Monday.

Between my car brakes starting to squeak (after I just got them fixed), missing a huge conference call at work ... whoops!, spilling food on my new shirt and almost getting into 2 car accidents (both not my fault) I had had enough!

I went to meet up with my roommate for dinner and of course there was a movie premiere right outside the restaurant causing the entire block to be squared off with police and the red carpet. Most people were thrilled to see it, I was so OVER IT.

I went straight to my car to pay for parking (oh the joys of living in LA) and decided that just because I was having a case of the Monday's doesn't mean I can't make someone else's day. Instead of paying at the entrance to the parking lot, I paid at the exit. I handed the man at the booth $10 and said, "Tell the person behind me I took care of their parking" then drove off to the street. Right as I was getting ready to turn I heard a honk behind me and a young girl scream "THANK YOU!" ... my day was then made.

My friend informed me yesterday that today is indeed World Kindess Day. I immediately knew what I wanted to write a post about right then and there. If my one act of kindness Monday night could bring a smile to someone's face, imagine what 400,000 people performing random acts of kindness can do. Take a look at what they did here.

It doesn't take a ton of time to do something kind for another person. Here's another video of how a young man spent his 22nd birthday making other's days a bit brighter.

What's your favorite act of kindness to do? I'd love to hear about it!

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