Friday, April 25, 2014

Cabo san Lucas Packing Essentials

Happy Friday Dolls!

To say I'm ecstatic to be heading to Mexico for the first time would be the understatement of the year! Dr. D and I head out tomorrow and I'm literally counting down the hours until we're on our flight and headed South of the border. 

We're going for a week, but packing is literally one of the top 10 things in this world I absolutely dread because I ALWAYS over-pack. That cute pair of shoes I think I will wear but am not sold on? Ya let's toss them in - those shirts that I may wear to dinner but will also bring other options in case it's cold, let's throw those in too ... before I know it I have a checked bag I'm sitting on in order for it to close. No Bueno. 

After reading multiple blog posts and Pinterest pins on what to pack for trips I think I finally have the art of packing mastered and wanted to share my tips with any other ladies out there who tend to over pack.

Maxi Dresses - They transform perfect from day to night and are the perfect leisure outfit to take you from one excursion to the next with ease 

Fedora - Whether it's a fedora, baseball cap or floppy hat you need something to block your face from the sun's excruciating rays from time to time. Also a great way to hide dirty hair if you don't have time to shower between the pool and dinner

V Neck Tees & Tanks - the perfect transition piece that will go with ANYTHING you bring. Bring 2 or 3 of these in different colors and you've already made numerous outfit choices  

Bikinis - I mean you are at the beach/pool. I tend to bring one strictly for laying out and one to play on the beach and in the water in. Nobody likes a nip slip .... 

Dressy Sandals - Of course you have your typical flippy floppy's you wear to and from the pool/beach but you want a nice sandal to go with your dinner outfits

Printed Shorts - The variety of colors let's you pair multiple different shirts with the same bottoms, meaning you pack less and have room for souvenirs!  

When it comes to the pool I'm not the type of person who can just lye there and enjoy the peace and quiet ... so naturally there's a few necessities I need!

Nook - Whether I'm reading 50 Shades (yes I'm guilty of reading it more than once,) or playing on an app this device provides hours of entertainment

Chapstick - Baby lips is the absolute best because it not only provides the best protection, but they also come in some amazing tinted shades which means no lip gloss/lipstick required!

Tervis Tumbler - Since we're visiting an all inclusive resort these little puppies will refrain from multiple trips back and forth to the bar. They keep frozen drinks cold and Dr. D's coffee hot in the morning. Talk about a win - win! 

Sunglasses - Naturally we have sunscreen for our skin, but sunnies are more than just a fashion accessory when it comes to lounging since they protect your eyes. Not to mention prevent you from frowning and getting wrinkles around the eyes!

Pantene Pro-V Detanngling Spray & Wide Tooth Comb - Perfect to comb out the knots after the pool

Dry Shampoo - When I'm on vacation the amount of damage I cause to my hair is at an all time high. Curling iron, blow dryer, chlorine from the pool the list goes on and on. Rather than shower after every trip to the pool, I just throw a little dry shampoo on my roots and am ready to seize the day

Kate Spade Bi-fold Wallet - This is the PERFECT wallet because it has slots for your cards and ID and a place to store your cash; plus it's small enough to throw into any bag or even my pocket!

Longchamp Tote - Speaking of bags this one is perfect for a vaca. The outside material is able to get wet so you don't have to worry about damaging it. The middle size is big enough to hold all of the necessities and it folds into a clutch which is perfect for nights out! 

xo, Paige


  1. This bikini is adorable! I also totally agree with your must have picks.

    -- Alex at Cashmere Kangaroo

  2. I definitely always over pack too, so these are great tips! And don't worry, you're not the only one who's reread 50 shades! Have you seen the few stills from the movie?

    xo Kylie

  3. I super agree with your clothing must picks. I too have read 50 shades both in English and Albanian versions.

    I own and love those Rayban Wayfares. I must try out Dry Shampoo and that Baby Chapstick sounds amazing, too. Thanks for sharing your tips.


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