Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Man Behind the Camera - Dr. D

Happy Wednesday Ladies!

I didn't really get into too many details on Dr. D's and my relationship in our 2 year anniversary post (you can read it here) so I figured better late than never to tell our story!

We met in undergrad during Greek Week. His fraternity was paired with my sorority and every night we would have lip sync practice. I thought he was some ridiculously dumb frat boy who was insanely attractive, I mean check out that head of hair y'all, and instantly knew I had a huge crush. We were both in relationships but innocently flirted and kept it at that. Throughout the years we had a fling or two, but alas he graduated and moved to California for grad school to obtain his PhD, (so much for thinking he was some dumb guy!) and I started my senior year of college. We talked a handful of times that year but nothing really came of it so I figured it was just another college story.

The summer after I graduated a group of us decided we needed a college reunion for New Years Eve. A bunch of the boys lived in California at the time so what better place to meet up than Las Vegas?! I arrived the day before my birthday (since it's at the end of December) to make a longer trip out of it and so did all of the boys. We went to LAX at the Luxor to celebrate my 23rd birthday and that's where the story of Dr. D and I truly began. 

The week flew by and all in all he convinced me to come visit him in California. I fell in love with the state and decided that 2 short months later I was going to move 3,000 miles away from my family to sunny LA without a second thought. We began dating exclusively the moment my car hit the California state line.

We've celebrated numerous birthday's and holidays, milestones in our careers and traveled the country together. I don't know what I did to snag a guy as great as him but I am very thankful he's mine. We've had plenty of ups and downs - especially over the last couple of weeks with him graduating and contemplating moving to the MidWest ... yikes - but we always get through everything and he truly makes me a better person. With the future in an unknown state, we decided it was best to forgo the typical celebratory dinner and champagne and take a trip instead. 

We're headed to this beyond gorgeous resort in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico on Saturday and I for one am absolutely stoked! It's going to be nice to get away from it all and truly enjoy each others company. 



  1. Aww you guys are so cute. Enjoy your trip. The resort looks gorgeous.

  2. OMG how freaking cute are you guys?!? Adorable!!

    <3, Pamela

  3. You are so cute together. Have fun on your trip!

  4. Paige, I am now catching up with your blog because I have been so busy because May is usually a super busy month for me with Birthdays and all LOL. Anyway, I am enjoying this post very much. You two are a gorgeous-looking couple and look perfect together. Awesome photos too. And WOW what a leap of faith to move to LA so fast but it worked out for you. And look where you work now and what you do - lucky girl!

    By now you are probably back from Vacation. Hope you enjoy it to the fullest! <3 Ada.


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