Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Maxi Love with Rebecca from Red Tag Chic Los Angeles!

Happy Tuesday Everyone! 

I'm officially in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico! The Stylish Tuesday linkup will be back next week, May 6, but for the remainder of the week I'll have some pretty amazing guest bloggers for y'all to check out. To kick things off I have the fabulous Rebecca from Red Tag Chic Los Angeles!

I found Rebecca's blog through a link up and have been a HUGE fan since. She has the most amazing back drops for her photos and her hair always looks flawless - I mean check out those curls! I'm completely obsessed with her maxi dress above and all of the one's shown below, but I'll let her share the details!

Take it away Rebecca!


Hola everyone! I'm Rebecca of RED TAG CHIC LOS ANGELES and I'm absolutely thrilled to be here and take over the reins while my lovely friend Paige is taking her much-needed break at Cabo San Lucas (I'm officially jealous Paige!!) :-)

So when she asked me to do this guest post.....I really have no idea what to write about. While the idea of backing out last minute seemed to be hovering in the horizon.....this popped up into my head. To show everyone my creepy obsession with the maxi in black and white and here it goes (click on the links to go to the original post for details)! ♥
Do you have any favorites? ♥


  1. All are very cute b&w maxis, but my favorite is the stripes-- super cute!

  2. Ah you can def. pull off a maxi and that color combo of black and white like no ones business! You totally look fabulous in all the dress--but #1 is my fav :) Can't wait to check out your blog!


  3. Ahh!! Enjoy Cabo..and your guest blogger is one of my fav's!!! Rebecca, you are rocking all the outfits so well :))

  4. I love Rebecca's style, hair and amazing backgrounds too. She always looks so chic and fresh in a Maxi Dress!


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