Thursday, April 24, 2014

East vs. West Coast Style: Black and White

Hey Dolls! 

Pamela and I are back at it with another rendition of East vs. West Coast Style! This month we chose to do a black and white theme and I for one was ecstatic! Black and white is so chic & classy, not to mention it perfectly transitions from one season to the next. 

Naturally I grabbed my favorite black and white top from the Loft (which seems to be getting a lot of love on the blog lately) and paired it with a faux leather skater skirt and killer heels. 
I've literally been DYING to showcase my fabulous rooftop patio since the moment I moved in, so naturally that's where these photos were taken. The sun was getting ready to set and I think the lighting worked well in my favor.

Dr. D kept joking my skirt was too short (shocked a guy would ever say that!) but just goes to show I truly date a gentleman y'all!

Top: LOFT // Skirt: H&M // Heels: Target // Watch: Juicy Couture // Rings: David Yurman & Handpicked // Earrings: Francesca's Collection

Travelin' over to the East coast we have Pamela's look! When I saw this first photo I immediately thought I was looking at an Express catalog - she's just that freakin' pretty and has the lean lines of a model!

This look is completely effortless which is why I love it so much. White denim has always been a favorite of mine since it pairs with everything and her black tie dye tank is no exception! The ankle strap shoes show off some skin to balance out the bottom half of the look and the stacked arm candy and long necklace add just enough glam to take this outfit from shopping with the girls to a night on the town!

Her pink lips and nails add just enough color to top off the outfit. I'm seriously swononing over this look and know everybody on Pinterest is going to be as well when I pin first thing after this post goes live! 

I say this every month, but seriously go check out Sequins and Seabreezes ... you won't be disappointed! 

xo, Paige

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  1. Aww yay!!! Love our collabs!!!

    <3, Pamela

  2. I've actually lived on both coasts and I initially thought that your look was the East Coast and Pamela's was West. Your top has an East Coast prep feel too it and Pamela's outfit definitely has the laid back West Coast vibe. Great looks from both.

    1. I've lived on both coasts too and I couldn't agree more with you! I just can't kick those Southern preppy pieces out of my closet ha :)

  3. You both look great! Gorgeous!
    Love me some black and white- classic combo and so many ways to wear. :)


    1. You always know how to put a smile on my face!

  4. You two ladies are ah-mazing!! Totally love both you looks :) And that patio is to die for--you def. found yourself a keeper of an apartment and a boyfriend it sounds like! Gentleman are the best!


  5. Love it! So happy I found your blog! xoxo

  6. I love your outfit! That top is super cute and I love it paired with the leather skirt!

    xo Kylie

  7. Thanks for introducing us to an awesome blogger. I love this collaboration. You are looking stunning and sexy. The skirt, top & heels are killer and WOW those stilettos are from Target. I also love Pamela's easy look and pinning these both. Your patio is DIVINE girl! I am jealous. Show it off all you can!


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