Monday, April 14, 2014

Month In Instagram: March

March was the kick off of my career going from abnormally busy to completely chaotic. Here's a sneak peek into my life and what all happened throughout March.

Jeff the Cat and I had some serious bonding time. He's going to claw the death out of me when I take that chevron blanket to my new apartment. I swear he thinks it's his!
I received a stunning gown from 1 Dress Co UK to wear to the Oscars!
The Govrnors Ball was completely breathtaking and seeing John Legend perform 2 feet from me wasn't half bad either!
I worked BTS of the "Men of Style" Angeleno photoshoot at Montage Beverly Hills
Saw snow capped mountains in 85 degree weather ... only in California!
Torured Jeff while I watched the Bachelor finale ... oh vey Juan Pablo is a hot mess
Enjoyed a breakfast of champions or a 5 year old. You decide.
Naturally had a green beer (or five) on St. Patty's Day! 
Was reassured that A) earthquakes are freaky and B) my friends are the best no matter how far away
Just a typical day at the office ... just this time I was caught in action by the lovely JD of Red Carpet Report
Bacon Bourbon cocktail at the So Cal Blogger Society Brunch .... so yummy!
Attended my first blogger event at Areal restaurant for the So Cal Spring Fling Blogger Brunch
Bottomless mimosas and delicious food y'all!
Dr. D and I celebrated our 2 years at Malibu wines
Went on a dinner date with my ZTA bestie in LA


  1. Aww sounds like a totally crazy but totally fabulous month!! I can't believe you got to go to the Oscars AND see John Legend perform--what an ahmazing night :)


  2. So jealous of your Oscars experience. What do you do for your job?


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