Thursday, April 17, 2014

So Cal Blogger Society: Spring Fling Bloggers Brunch

Happy Thursday Loves!

This post is long overdue but last month I attended my first blog event, the So Cal Bloggers Society "Spring Fling" Bloggers Brunch at Areal restaurant in Santa Monica! It was such an amazing event and I have to personally thank Alex from Stylelista Confessions and Leah from LA Brunchers for taking the time to organize such a beautiful event!

All photos c/o Ryan Brennan
I have to say it was such a surreal experience meeting girls I view through a computer screen on the daily that are complete strangers; however, seem like actual friends due to the content of their posts. Another thing which blew my mind was when I got approached by Stormie from 20 Something Diaries.

We began to chat and she told me she found So Cal Blog Society (SCBS) through my blog which truly warmed my heart. Isn't it amazing how one simple compliment can completely brighten your day and make you feel like all the effort you put into your blog is truly worth it? The more we got to chat we realized we both went to college in North Carolina, her Duke and High Point University for myself (ironic since we now live in California) but the real kicker is we were in the same sorority (Zeta Tau Alpha) which is prominently a midwest, southeast sorority and kind of unheard of on the west coast. From that point we were instant besties and I have blogging to thank for that.

I met some other fab ladies throughout the brunch and had one of the most incredible afternoon's to date since moving to LA. But let's get to the part you're dying to hear about ... the food! As we arrived, hour d'oeurves were passed around including mini cinnamon rolls, sliced chicken sausage and goat cheese bacon wrapped dates. Following that was a variety of main dishes and delectable deserts (which I missed out on because I had to head out early ... boo!)

How adorable are these bite size cinnamon rolls?
Sliced chicken sausages with melted cheese and garnish
Goat cheese and bacon wrapped dates - y'all these were like heaven in your mouth! 

Everyone was constantly Tweeting & Instagram-ing so naturally I fit right in in this photo
 We arrived to tables with gift bags and boxes and an empty mimosa glass. Y'all Alex and Leah hooked it up because we had bottomless cocktails all brunch long! 

I don't even like Bloody Mary's but look how pretty these are?!
Bacon Bourbon Cocktail. Candied bacon IN a cocktail? Sign me up for 2 please!

Alas the afternoon sadly did have to come to an end. As I bid farewell to my new friends I grabbed my goodie bag and met Dr. D at the car since he had dropped me off. I wish I had taken photos of the stuff inside the gift bag before I moved, but I unfortunately forgot :( Next time ladies, next time! 


  1. Omgsh what a great event! I feel like that would be sooo fun :) You guys are so lucky to have a network of ladies out there! I am super jealous of all that yummy looking food--nom nom!


    1. LA is a magical city that's for sure, so lucky to be around a great bunch of bloggers! Do you have any type of blogger meet ups around you?

  2. This looks like so much fun, glad you enjoyed yourself! Haha I love how everyone is on their phones, serious #bloggerproblems :)


    1. Ha so true! I kept chuckling to myself because you'd talk to someone but they'd be looking down the whole tme, (myself included!)

  3. So bummed I missed it! I told myself I HAVE to attend the next event... but it's when I'll be in San Diego for the weekend :(

  4. Found your blog thru Tori's guest blog, LOVE it so far!!!! Excited to follow along!! :)

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